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HISTORY OF LEXUSBIRCHWOOD LEXUS·WEDNESDAY, 27 JUNE 2018· Redefining luxury in a journey without end.From the start, Lexus has redefined luxury, over and over again, through meticulous craftsmanship, pioneering innovations, impassioned designs and unrivaled Guest experiences.The ChallengeThe Lexus story truly begins in 1983. That’s the year Chairman, Eiji Toyoda challenged the company to develop a luxury automobile to rival Europe’s finest — a vehicle that would stir the souls of drivers. Six years of intensive R & D, 450 prototypes and 4.5 million kilometres of testing later, the Lexus LS 400 debuted and a luxury revolution was born.The LaunchThe LS 400 captured the imagination with an advertisement that spotlighted a new depth of quality and refinement. More than a vehicle, the LS was the genesis of Lexus’ DNA: a steadfast refusal to compromise and a constant challenging of perceptions, all part of a relentless pursuit of perfection.A Different Kind of LuxuryBack then, we didn’t call it ‘Progressive Luxury’, but that’s the road we were on — a journey marked by innovative engineering, environmentally responsible solutions and rewarding experiences that extended beyond the vehicle to the unsurpassed manner in which we treat each customer — as a Guest in our home.Going to Great Lengths to Reach New Heights in Innovation You would think a factory is just where automobiles are built and finished. With us, it’s where some of our best ideas get started—from rethinking the materials, to inventing new methods of making them, to crafting and testing our vehicles in ways never imagined. Some would call this over the top; we just call it another day at the office.The World’s First 3-D Carbon Fiber LoomWhen designing the famed LFA supercar, we chose to utilize carbon fiber over aluminum because it was both lighter and stronger. But conventional carbon fiber, already a wonder material, wasn’t up to our standards. So we invented a special loom that was able to create a circular weave exactly to our specifications. We achieved accuracy, consistency and cost-effectiveness. This innovative use of carbon fiber would become one of the defining features of the LFA. Since then, we’ve added it to the GS F and RC F, and have planned it for future vehicles as well. Is it worth the extra effort? We wouldn’t consider any other way.Premium Materials. Perfected. We’re constantly testing new materials and coming up with new ways to use traditional ones as well. Today, we’re moving from aluminum to steel frames that provide a stiffer body for better handling, ride comfort and noise canceling. Using highly durable steel components, the LX has won the grueling Mint 400 race multiple times. To see how we’ve completely reengineered wood, just look at the Shimamoku trim of the LS. To create it, alternating light and dark wood veneers are layered. Then, they are carefully shaped in a process involving 67 steps over 38 days until the trim is like everything else in a Lexus—as close to perfect as possible.Building on Our Expertise and Process All of Lexus manufacturing is overseen by a group of ten master craftsmen called the Takumi who pass their knowledge and expertise on to every technician. Their standards are unwavering—for example, they train inspectors to check 4,000 points on every Lexus for paint quality and scrutinize up to 250 points on a single engine part. In total, there are 26,000 tasks in every Lexus plant that require special certification. And every four months, each technician must precisely demonstrate and describe in perfect detail their respective task in order to be certified again. Our work is always of the highest quality, because our work is never done.Manufactured in Award Winning Facilities Around the World We currently have five manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our first one, the Tahara plant, is considered to be the finest car factory in the world. Our North American plant in Ontario, Canada, has been building the RX since 2003 and has won six J.D. Power and Associates Gold Plant Quality Awards. At Motomachi, a hand-selected team of 200 craftsmen built the revolutionary LFA. And with $360 million invested, Georgetown, Kentucky, will soon start production on the ES 350, following the Takumis’ standards while creating more than 750 jobs.Made for Canada, in Canada At Lexus, we know Canadians share the same passion for driving as auto enthusiasts around the world. But we also know conditions here can present drivers with unique challenges. Which is why we built a cold-weather test facility in Canada where we subject our vehicles to a range of tests that evaluate driving dynamics such as braking, handling, stability and traction control. But it’s not just about keeping you safe. It’s about making sure winter doesn’t take the fun out of driving. Not even a Canadian winter.

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