Filld: Gas Without The Station

Filld is the Ultimate On-the-Go Refueling Solution.FILLD: GAS WITHOUT THE STATION·WEDNESDAY, 29 AUGUST 2018·Filld is a fast-growing mobile refueling service, building a new, highly flexible, scalable last mile infrastructure for delivering the energy vehicles need to stay on the road – gas, electric, or alternative fuels.Today, Filld delivers gas directly to individual, commercial and enterprise customers – eliminating the need to ever stop for gas again. Customers simply request gas delivery via Filld’s mobile app or web portal, share the vehicle’s location, and schedule a convenient time to have the tank of their vehicles filled – 7 days a week, day or night. Filld also has integrated API’s to enable direct access to connected fleets for automated fuel scheduling and management. Filld’s professionally-trained and licensed driver arrives in a certified, custom built delivery truck to fill up each vehicle (think Ford F250). Filld charges a competitive fuel price to the gas stations surrounding the delivery location plus a small delivery fee, typically between $2.99-$8.99 based on the selected service window. Filld’s fuel is double-filtered, top-quality gas. Filld currently serves consumer and fleets in the San Francisco Bay Area (from South San Francisco through San Jose), and fleets in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Canada, and is rapidly expanding to new North American cities to fulfill growing demand.

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Founded in October 2014

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Release date27 April 2015

AboutFilld delivers gas to your car, so you can skip the gas station for more important things.

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