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StoryNDR AUTO SOLUTIONS·TUESDAY, 1 MAY 2018·Nathan and his family have recently moved to Nova Scotia and look forward to raising a family here. After living and working in the industry out west, they decided the time was right to come back.Realizing that there is a gap for a high quality install business for the local auto industry, Nathan has started NDR Auto Solutions. NDR Auto will bring skill and expertise in applying PPF, tinting, and paintless dent repair in Halifax and surrounding area. Nathan has over 5 years experience in paintless dent repair and over 8 years in honing the skill of applying PPF and tint.We look forward to serving you!

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AboutTop Quality Paint Protection film, Window Tinting and Paintless Dent RepaircategoriesCar window tinting service · Automotive repair centre · Vehicle detailing service

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