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Founded on 24 June 2012


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AboutWorld’s First, Most Advanced and Widely Adopted Factory ECU Tuning Platform for BMW F and G series Vehicles and the A90 Toyota Supra. Available on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

If you love modifying cars, tuning, pushing the limits, striving for ultimate in tune refinement, be it at the track, dyno or street you are one of us!

We have always been passionate about anything car related but most of all, performance tuning. Our current focus is on BMW (2006+) and Porsche (2001+) factory turbo cars.

We take pride in extracting reliable power consistently from some of the greatest engines coming out of BMW and Porsche factories. Their overbuilt and overengineered nature leaves plenty of untapped potential from the factory. It is this potential that we help calibrate for our customers and customize to their needs and goals.

Feel free to contact us today at and inquire on your custom tuning needs.

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