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Let’s talk about show day, and the etiquette of roll-in and roll-out.

Covid-19 has forced the cancellation of so many events, including car shows. However, with restrictions relaxing, I feel it relevant to address the proper way for competitors to enter and exit the show with their vehicles on show day. I will also touch on respect at local car meets, and the negative attention these meets are receiving.

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It’s show day, an exciting time for Driven staff, competitors, and spectators. The shows typically start at 1pm, however the day starts a lot earlier for most of us. A morning routine, prior to the show, should consist of washing / cleaning / detailing your vehicle. All competitors that are showing with a group, or club, should organize a meet-up destination and then roll into the show staging area as a group, at the designated time. This allows much quicker entry, as we can get your club parked together much easier than if you have a few cars showing up later.

You’ve arrived at the show, as a solo or group, and are staged for entry. This is sometimes when competitors like to show off by revving their engines, or doing other stupid shit. In two words…PLEASE DON’T. In the past we have denied entry to competitors that think they’re too cool to abide.

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We have directed you to your parking spot(s) at the show….. now what? Well, before you rekindle your car-show bromances, start your final detailing, or check out other cars, you need to head over to the registration desk and check in. This will ensure you have an entry number and that your vehicle will actually be judged (cars without a number will not be judged). Once that quick process is done, you can then continue with your other pre-show activities.

Bustling with cars and people, the pre-show timing typically takes place between 10am and 1pm. In these 3 short hours, you need to complete your final detailing and make sure your vehicle is presented in the best way possible. If you would like your engine bay, interior, or trunk to be judged, these areas of your car must be open…. not just unlocked, OPEN. Judges will not touch your vehicle to look at these areas; however, if your vehicle shows better with these areas closed, then you MUST remain at your vehicle to open these areas when the judges come by.

Roll-in (and registration) is typically shut down around 12:00 – 12:30, so your vehicle must be in it’s spot and registered before this deadline. This is also the time that any non-competitors or support vehicles are asked to leave the show area. Many of the venues will cause an accumulation of dust on your vehicle during the roll-in of all the competitors, so we suggest that you give your vehicle one final wipe-down just before the show opens at 1pm.

Fast forward 6 hours. We have now judged all the vehicles, deliberated, and finalized the award winners. Seto will say that he fed the Judges, but the reality is that most of us barely have time to take a piss, let alone sit down to eat…[love you boss-man!]. In most cases, 7pm is when we announce the award winners, and watch as the competitors get antsy to leave after a long day. Before the end of the awards presentation, the Ops Manager (Blocker) will advise on the correct way to exit the show. This includes things such as not starting your vehicle until just before you roll-out (we don’t like breathing in carbon monoxide), no revving, or tire squealing. Blocker will also tell his obligatory Mustang joke (that we all love so much).

Your turn to roll out has come. If you are in a group, your whole group can exit at the same time (if everyone is ready). There are typically large crowds outside the exit, and as much as you want to show off as you drive by them, please don’t. Don’t be “that guy”.  I am referring to all the dumbasses that end up with their roll-out fails going viral on social media. Also a friendly reminder that most of the shows will have some sort of police presence on the roads exiting the venue.

Your roll-out fails are cringeworthy

Local car meets, although not a formal event like the Driven Shows, should be shown the same care and respect. Being an active member of numerous car clubs, I can say that the majority of owners/enthusiasts are getting fed up with all the bullshit that happens at the meets. Drag racing, burnouts, vandalism, injuries, and even Lambo’s catching on fire…. this shit needs to stop. Period.

The car scene has lost all credibility with local business owners, as well as the local law enforcement, due to the shenanigans that happen every weekend. It wont be long before more car meet venues get shut down and / or are more heavily policed. For the most part, owners are abiding, but it’s the few assholes that are ruining it for everyone else. This is a big cause of the local car scene diminishing.

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As gear-heads, enthusiasts, or spectators, we all need to show mutual respect for our passion.

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