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COVID-19 and the Car Scene

Blog by Mike Beaumont (@hako.sukairain) Let’s go ahead and maintain 2 metre social distancing. How a pandemic is impacting the car culture, car shows, and Driven. 2020 was off to a rough start, with the Australia wild-fires and the threat of WWIII. These were [somewhat] far-reaching from the local, and...

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Creasey, the 2019 Driven Tour Champion

Blog by Mike Beaumont (@hako.sukairain) Let’s take a few minutes to recognize the tireless efforts of the 2019 Driven Tour Champion. A bit of history on the Tour Championship. A few years ago, Driven announced they would be giving Tour Champion awards for the person/vehicle that attended the most shows...

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Trend, fad, or fiction

Blog by Mike Beaumont (@hako.sukairain). [feature image by] Let’s be serious, did anyone think the fanny pack would ever be trendy again? The answer is no…but we were wrong. Similar to fashion, the car scene is teeming with cyclic trends. We often see the reemergence of long-gone fads, which...

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