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Trend, fad, or fiction

Blog by Mike Beaumont (@hako.sukairain). [feature image by @importfestperformance] Let’s be serious, did anyone think the fanny pack would ever be trendy again? The answer is no…but we were wrong. Similar to fashion, the car scene is teeming with cyclic trends. We often see the reemergence of long-gone fads, which...

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Dirty Secrets

Blog by Mike Beaumont (@hako.sukairain). [feature image by @laurenfrotch] Let’s be honest, having a dirty car at a show is no secret. Everyone sees it. Well, maybe not “everyone”…Stevie Wonder goes to car shows, right? Every show, after roll-in (and most times before roll in) we see people cleaning, tidying,...

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Sore Winners

Blog by Mike Beaumont (@hako.sukairain) Let’s jump right into this…the first of many opinionated, yet unaffiliated, ramblings on the car culture, car shows, and Driven. We’ve all heard about, and often had firsthand experience dealing with sore losers. More specifically, those competitors at Driven whose cars did not win an...

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